She got up quietly, dressed, took a large slice of bread from the kitchen table, and walked away from the cottage following her intuition which was such a precious guide to her.
This was not the first time she had been to the sea visiting that hidden cove surrounded by huge rocks, only reachable at low tide, further on stretched the sandy beaches for miles along the Atlantic Ocean, sandpipers running in and out of the breaking waves.

Fear did not walk with her that morning in spite the lack of light hiding the landscape and the path, as the memory of that path was in her bare feet, digging her toes deep within the sandy dunes, her face brushed now and then by fine feathery bushes.

She remembered now those deep rich fragrances of essences coming from the pine trees and it lifted her heart with joy. She reached the top of the dune, leaving the pine cover behind her.
She started hearing the sound of the waves feeling once more the salty taste of the sea sprays on her lips knowing she was getting closer. 

Her steps grew longer and bolder feeling sustained by nature wrapping around her as she clearly heard now the crushing sound of the waves.
Dawn rose upon the horizon, a painted streak of pure white light birthing the day, gazing at it, watching it grow until it filled the space lighting the ocean gifting the dawn of a new day.

Lowering her eyes she saw the tide was in and full; the waves rolling the pebbles back and forth deeper each time within the cove till the sound was deafening to her ears.

wave rushing in
  The foam started weaving lace patterns along the edges; millions of pearls catching the pure light of dawn, bursting as they hit the shining rock face into millions of sparks; giving the edge of parting waters, a silvery sheen to it.

The elements were magical at this time of the morning and the child stood silent, taken in by beauty and the magic of changes under her eyes. She sat upon a large rock on the side of the cove.

It was wet from the sea spray and shiny, however from up there she could better admire the rolling waves and look at the sandpipers running up and down the edge of the foam.

She noticed that they were catching tiny fleas with their elongated bills and were ceaselessly running to and fro and in and out of the edge of the rolling waves so as not to get wet, they were so funny to watch and made her laugh.

She got up from her rock and walked away from the cove as the tide started to turn and the sea gulls came upon the beach to see what had been left behind for them to pick, as the waters receded back leaving a trail of many tiny things.

She left as the tide was going out knowing in her heart, that she would be returning daily, for this was the place where she could hear all life speak clearly to her and with her and was truly learning how to engage with all life from a feminine place.

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