Horse Lord

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Dream of the Horse Lord Mediating Feminine Truth and Wisdom.



Stages of Dream Transformations

The child as the Dreamwalker:

Night time, the new moon lights my steps, as a young child being the dream walker towards a paddock. There is a wild stallion totally restless held in there and I feel its sadness.

I name him “Wild”, for he shows his Freedom of Spirit is unbroken!.

“I just keep courageously walking towards the enclosure and now I can see behind and around him about 50 to 60 mares all penned too. I give a heavy sigh with a sense of feeling overwhelmed with that situation, as I realize they are missing their freedom and their home land.”

I slow down my steps, and go very still, listening to my heart, waiting for a solution to arise. The paddock is closed, the gate heavy and the latch much too high for my little size, the thought of freeing them now appears like an impossible task!

After a while, I suddenly know that all I need do is to be still and totally present while looking at him with the eyes of the heart. As I stand there in that act of presence, connecting, seeing and witnessing each one of them, a change happen as both gates fling open!” 

 The herd has been transformed into an energy wave rushing past me into Freedom!


How the dream unfolds as “Wild” now takes the lead as the dream walker :

 At first on the right hand side of the land, there is a small group kneeling down, a father, mother and their daughter still a young child, I am observing this scene within the dream.

I see the stallion coming over to the group and then placing his feet upon the father’s shoulders.

The Horse Lord has a high rank as head of the herd roaming over the land and shows deep wisdom as he masters caring and protecting the herd of amazing mares.

Sacred moment. The father here is being seen fully as serving the soul held in matter and receiving blessings and validation from the stallion who is here mediating on behalf of life.

Next the woman as the Dream walker.

Next image within the dream there is the triad of father, daughter and mother which disappears totally from my vision.

I now see that I am on the left hand side of the picture a fully grown woman and it is dusk and I become aware that the horse Lord engages in his own way with me.

I watch him as he comes over to where I am kneeling down, in gratitude to earth. He blesses me, by placing his hooves delicately upon my shoulders.

I am profoundly moved as he now steps fully away followed by the mares into the land of freedom. As they flee, I see sparks of light all around their hooves as they touch the ground, igniting and reconnecting that energy of freedom back into the earth.

As I watch them disappear in the distance, I now become aware that there is a small child under me, totally wrapped within my form. She is the daughter, born to speak truth while serving and honouring feminine values.


Just take a moment to see :How the dream transformation manifests in its different stages.

In each dream part you can see the dream walker fully present, waiting for the process or some resolution to happen organically. True feminine quality.

The child’s intent and focus throughout the dream is to release the Stallion and the mares from bondage.

  • I wonder if you too, have such amazing dreams ?
  • Would you like to share them?
  • And if so, when lifting the veil: what did you see?
  • Did you too need to search for lost fragments ?
  • Or need to release from bondage?
  • Can you take a moment to ponder on any of those questions?
  • I look forward to hearing from you.