Gift of the Pearl

Dolphin Gifting the pearl

One morning very early, just as the sun was surging over the horizon, walking as usual, she noticed the tide was high and the frothy sea touched her feet.  She stood still, stilling her heart beat, watching the horizon come alive with the sun rising. She intuitively felt that today was different, she knew that magic was in the air.

Gazing in the far distance, she watched a field of radiance rising upon the horizon, till she made the shape of a boat in  rainbow colours surfing the waves on the horizon’s radiance shining forth all around lighting the waves! Bee opened her mouth letting out a cry of total surprise.

She rubbed her eyes, thinking that she was day dreaming, however to her amazement the vision did not disappear as it kept on drawing closer and closer towards the first breaking waves and the shore-line where she was standing bare feet.

The Lady of Abundance for all Life,  was the Lady of the Waters too, she arrived, her large cloak of rainbow colours: violets, indigo, Blues, greens, oranges and yellows wrapped around her shoulders; she smiled at the child pulling in closer to where she stood upon the wet sandy beach.

Life’s abundance gifted 

Gifts of feminine wisdom in her arms born from the depth of her own soul for she was the Lady of the Deepest well of Life, She who nurtures, sees, listens, witnesses and cares for Life and the Essence of Life’s Soul itself.

She is a feminine Archetypal energy that belongs with all life mirroring back to each of us how abundance flows from one heart to another heart when walking the feminine pathways. She holds the feminine essence, presence, abundance for all Life and she is the Giver as  Life manifest when called by the power of the soul.

She comes in sailing brightly to teach the child within each one of us, for she is the Lady of Abundance radiating the heart of Love Herself.

Child’s healing Story

Stepping on the shore, she leans towards the child speaking those words:I have heard your call child  and have been drawn towards you as your heart of innocence and your longing called my name.The child smiled and then remembered that little light that she kept seeing and that gentle guiding voice, that she kept hearing daily and growing to trust.

The Lady stepped upon the shore and taking the child’s hand, taught her how to listen to life’s elements and to open her eyes wider. All went silent as they stood gazing into the waters and the soft waves curling over and over again at their feet leaving prints of white lace on their toes.

At first she heard the silence as her heart beat slowed down after the encounter with the Lady of the Waters, then she heard a sound, like a whistling, was it upon the winds?

It could not be, for the day was so still. She listened and watched her eyes wide opened. The seas moved right in front of her, parting and she caught sight of a living shimmering being just beneath the waves and suddenly a fin emerged and then its head, the child recognised the dolphin with what she took as a  smile surfing now towards her!

And then it disappeared again! joy stirred within her heart as her eyes just followed its movements within the waters tracking the elements to sense where it had gone. She was now standing knee high within the waters, tracking with her eyes, no sense of separation between them both and she just followed the flow of his form till she sensed they were just one being.

As the next wave rolled in, she watched the dolphin surf towards her and as he touched her hand fully opened, for she wished to touch his nose, it dropped into her hand a large luminescent pearl with orbs of delicate opal light. The child gazed in awe at its beauty and radiant soft light.

Here is the painting where the dolphin gifts the child the pearl, symbol of the soul.

The lady taking her hand now guides her, as they start walking along the shore line towards an area she had never dared explore alone before. She could see afar the entrance to a cave in the rock cliff where the gulls nested. As they reached its entrance, the child pulled back, noticing how dark and deep the cave was. The Lady of Abundance Mother of all Life, reassured her, radiating more light so the cave was no longer foreboding.

You are being truly safe child, so do not fear for I am here with you and to guide you too .A gentle warm feeling invaded her senses as she picked up the glow now from the lady of Abundance and from the pearl in the palm of her hand. This was a new physical sensation as all her body started to relax and her heart sing for she had now a safe harbour to go back to and this she knew deep within 

They kept on walking the radiance of the Lady shining the path ahead of them; till they reached a large underwater pool with beautiful blue and opal light colours.

The lady of abundance sat down, letting the child play on the edge of the shallow pool near the edge. The waters tinged with blue hues just at their feet was truly inviting so the child stepped forward trusting. The waters stirred once again right in front of her and from their depth her friend the dolphin came up to meet her while poking its happy nose against her feet ever so gently.

The talented dolphin whom she met on some days when she felt called to visit that underground water cave was a truly amazing aquatic mammal, it belonged to the water element and taught her how to not be afraid through his playfulness in front of her eyes as he befriended her.

At first she just learned to stay very still, in his presence, taking in the qualities it just expressed while swimming, then she just attuned her ears to a new way of listening as he moved within the waters and one day she heard his song within her own heart and her soul was truly blessed.

Each day his call announced his arrival in their favourite cove and they became true and faithful friends.

She had learned to trust in her intuition and to heed that little inner voice which spoke with images, sounds and visions unknown to her. Taking her into uncharted lands so she would learn from life’s meetings and those amazing beings new ways of relating and seeing and hearing, that were kind and caring to all life. She did listen and started honouring them as faith was kindled in her heart once again.


She jumps on its back fully reassured by the Lady’s loving eyes resting upon her, knowing she can start to trust again. She rides the dolphin as he creates magic circles inside the waters of the cave holding tightly its fins. Little by little she finds her balance and gently starts exploring in all its fullness the vault above her while taking in its magic beauty .

She becomes more aware of the shimmering body of the dolphin and the true connection they  create with this mutual bonding. She is aware that the dolphin is now teaching her how to communicate  and engage more fully with the element of water. As she consolidates that trust expressing her true feelings, stirrings move within her heart those linked with “the values of Love”