Dreams as Gems of Wisdom

Valuing your Dreams and Visions

While unravelling the threads within those dream visions, as you might have been one of the actors or just the observer of what was happening within that inner dream vision gifted unto you as a messenger.


Were you actor within that dream, or situation or were you just observing and viewing those images within the many layers of the dream-vision unfolding, revealing truths to you? This makes little difference, since pulling into the light of your consciousness the little gems hidden within matter is the same process I share and teach. 

As you experience those energies, feelings or emotions catch and learn to see what is behind and what are the hidden gems of Feminine Truths asking to manifest through you, and that is the first key.

Mother Earth attunes to those of her children who are ready to listen to her and to live their lives in alignment with her wisdom and truth. She encourages those receiving her transmissions to share them. This is my own field of work.

This feminine approach of looking and honouring both Dreams and Visions is grounded in the Alchemical process of transformation and years of integrating this journey within my own evolutionary process on the path of learning how to consciously witness, mirror and experience life itself from a soul level.

Both processes are interconnected and deeply entwined so, as one process evolves towards consciousness with deep transformation and transmutation; it automatically kindles all other life forms to enter in resonance and start changing too.

These changes take place at all levels and within all realms manifest on Earth. They enter in true resonance with each other for all life is energy vibrating at different frequencies.

This alchemy of life is a two way process for all in the Universe is inter- connected. So with each of your dream visions, thoughts, actions, any process that you engage with, those energies you are consciously or unconsciously processing, projecting, enter in resonance with the energy field in which you live your life.

This is why it matters to check the thoughts you have and share and to live through kindness of heart. The people you share your life with, will feel your changes too, and so will the collective energy field of Earth.

So it matters to know this and to start being accountable and responsible for how we deal with those visions, dreams, thought forms, our words, our actions, or our complacency.

We may have the task sometimes during our life time to embark upon a journey through unknown territory, many have been physically pioneering into barren or frozen lands in search of the path linking two continents like Scot and his men did, so truly courageous before our time.

This work feels like treading into a new journey into feminine land where few women have dared to step. Tracking the hidden paths supports this field of work. Picking up the broken or fragmented soul pieces embedded at the cellular memory levels of your own being is no small task.

Tracking them within the multi dimensional fields of mother Earth, is another major task to embark upon however it is needed as those fragments need to be brought back into Unity so you are whole.

That is much better than letting them remain hidden creating distortions, more traumas within our bodies and the energy field and the relationships we hold.  When we mirror with clarity back to life, I know that it enters in resonance with us and starts revealing its own truth and wisdom in support of all Life.

All soul fragments long to be redeemed, cleared and reclaimed and we can do this through our conscious process of deep awareness, love, support and compassion for each fragment as we light it up with empathy and forgiveness.

Most have been embedded deeply from ancestral time-lines through traumas, wars, conflicts, abuse, repression, slavery, false  imprints still active distorting the field of both our “bodies as matter and of our feelings as water”.

The key to healing is to start pulling them back into the light of our soul’s consciousness with compassion, forgiveness and then to address courageously the tasks of reclaiming, clearing traumas so we can forgive accept and transmute those imprints and unify those shattered, fractured or frozen pieces through the soul’s own process. 

This process involves many levels, layers and many states of transformations too. It weaves into the process all of the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air and Ether before emerging from the alchemical vessel transformed merging into Oneness, from the scattered pieces that they were preventing the person from Just Being themselves.

Those dream visions and paintings are being given form and creating a new template through a feminine reclaiming process, a true Birthing, so as to enable each one of us to reach further within the depths of our own natures.

We can then bring forward those hidden truths and feminine qualities required to make this world a kinder and more balanced one where Love Herself is fully valued in all spheres of our world.

Grounding those truths and bringing those feminine qualities of presence to create simple guidelines and maps has taken years and I am still extracting the essence within those dream images and visions as they are gifting wisdom, stories and myths based into sacred feminine truths.

Those speak on behalf of Earth Mother and of her laws and we live and breathe with her and it is much needed that we bring balance now.

Those gems of wisdom and simple truths will become the new templates, new feminine pathways guiding those children and people alike who dare open that feminine door and step into a world where relationships and feminine laws are valued. 

Walking the paths into freedom’s land, away from Fear, Repression and perpetuated Abuse.

This Feminine Law  of serving life is above Man-Made Law 

Wise teachings on behalf of mother Earth herself.

In my dream I went into a valley where herds of cows and their calves were being ill-treated.
When I discover this situation, I act in this dream from a totally new place, removed from the ways dictated by the negative masculine structures reinforcing abusive treatments upon life.

I walk the path fully moved by the values of Love, who just walk hand in hand with me and guide me to release them all from bondage, with no turning back. Within this dream I am both the observer and the dream walker guiding the herd. I am walking up a narrow mountain path alone; with the cattle following me, head to tail.

I hold a wooden stick in my left hand to help me along the very narrow steep path, while keeping an eye and making sure that I am guiding the herd towards safe pasture land up that high mountain.

I remember walking for a very long time with the cattle following me and trusting me totally as we kept walking higher up. They looked as if they had recalled an ancient memory and remembered ways of walking free upon such high tracks leading safely into freedom and fresh pasture lands. They are mirroring an insight and wisdom on what we each need to achieve.

This dream vision speaks of truths made manifest, as no animal needs suffer abuse, and removing them from those appalling conditions was one way of addressing this issue.

What the vision tells me is that they need us humans to honour,respect and value them and the laws that they are born under just like ours and protect their well beings too. 

This dream speaks of ancient transhumance rites when all herds from the valleys: cattle and sheep were gathered by shepherds and walked for miles till they reached the mountains going there for their spring and summer pastures lasting for months.

They would only be returning at the onset of the autumnal season when the first snow flakes would start falling; having been in nature while grazing and being milked up there for cheese making and for calving too in the wild under the heavenly stars and the moon cycles and the solar days keeping them in good health and free.

It was only in the winter times that the animals lived their indoor lives when snow would cover the grounds and they would stay indoors sheltered in barns on hay to give them a rest from milking and that was balanced and held true coherence for their health.

These were wise practises men and women within communities, honoured fully and shared, with simple ways their knowledge making sure the herds of cattle and sheep were being allowed to roam freely upon the high mountains pasture lands, supervised day and night by a few dogs and dedicated shepherds.

This meant that not only could they eat at random lush grass,but from those wild high altitude pastures they could pick and graze upon medicinal plants and have a better balanced diet than when enclosed all the year round which is being practised now for more controlled yields by the bureaucrats!

Cattle Raised in Freedom

The milk had new qualities and so had the cheese made from those herds.These ancient traditions are dying fast, being replaced by intensive indoor rearing for milk or meat with farmers tied down with milk or cattle quotas!

Each year new regulations, legislations, not mentioning the European rules and Legislations designed by bureaucrats and then voted by our governments,bringing totally disconnected approach to addressing the real needs of all those animals no longer treated within their rights or honouring the laws of Life..

The bureaucrats voting those laws have never farmed, or reared nor fed or nurtured animals nor helped them give birth! Their approach is based on statistics, finances on milk quotas to see  which ones would bring the highest yields and the greatest profits!

Sadly the animals, their rights and the laws that they are born under are being crushed under foot and they too as beings have been discarded behind figures and statistics; they only become investments! and share holders pull the strings too! What about the animals in all this?

They are not being related to and are defenceless while still held in bondage. Are we aware what we impose on animals and farmers too, when we imprint on them bureaucratic studies on milk, calves and cattle quotas, to suit the commercial farming requirements?

What about their rights? Anyway did someone say they could speak or express how they felt now? Did they mention that they had animal rights? 

Has anyone checked how those animals are doing? And what about the farmers? How do they feel now they have lost their connection with their herd? Did this cow have a name?

Oh yes this was Grace and Beauty here and Blanche what happened to farming that their identity got lost? just as industrialization stepped in. Has their name been lost in the memory lane of those changes? Did I ever caress or care for her or for him? Best stay disconnected then I don’t have to relate to what I am not doing for them! Voicing for them!

Sadly this new approach with farming is totally disconnected and split from the reality of the needs that any herd deserves; not mentioning the abuse and often the betrayals towards those animals and towards the laws meant to protect their living and transport conditions too.

The wisdom of the Earth is being crushed under foot, denied expression, devalued, despised and that is sad.For earth is our mother and our safe vessel without this element being inclusive in our world and being cared and related to, we endanger our planet and all living beings too.

We all know that Cows are very sensitive beings and they do have some feelings and so do all mammals! Few are the humans walking this earth who know how to understand them and treat them as sentient beings.

This dream teaches of how endangered the herds are within our present ways of rearing them when we no longer relate to their needs and living conditions are betrayed totally.

“They chose to speak through me, it could be that they soon choose you too, will you say yes or turn away?” All they did was to tune in to my energy field, and to my soul and they can hear that in my heart, I do truly care for their well beings.

I am in deep gratitude for their gifts to earth and all the people they support and I see their plight in many areas all around the world and in my little hamlet too and I do see them like I see you too and I relate to them as equal even If I don’t speak their language now.

Here is a photo I took of a mother and her calf grazing on wild pasture land on the sea salt marshes by the Atlantic Ocean where this is their rearing grounds all the year round and they looked really safe and happy and they could make their own sounds, it was good to hear that sound echoing in the land for it belonged.

All nature around could hear that calf too calling his mother when she was just too far away just like a young child would do to his/her mother and that sound was so healing and true deeply reassuring.

Calf in sea salt field marshes calling mum