The Source Centre

Step inside with the eyes and soul of the child

“Our task must be to free ourselves…
by widening our circle of compassion
to embrace all living creatures
and the whole of nature and its beauty.”

~ Albert Einstein


This web site and The Source Centre are dedicated to mediating, teaching and honouring feminine truths and their values as we are a living being in this cosmos.

Fathering Feminine Values

It is an offering to all Life, to mother Earth whose gifts enabled me to access some of her amazing gems of wisdom.

She shared and imparted them truly generously enabling me to create this very simple web site: A journey and guidance into simple ways and stories valuing Feminine Laws.

It is dedicated to those in my life who have believed and trusted in the gifts my inner child and elder were entrusted so I could share them with you and with all Life.

And this Source Centre is here just for you so do Step in for:

Brigitte offers many resources and Retreats guiding you and giving you support on how to understand and live your life aligned with feminine Values.

I invite you to click on the Blue Heart at the bottom of this page, so you can access the retreats, resources and listen to some short videos as they are supportive.

 The source Centre  is a living reality here in south west France and this web-site mirrors and imparts some of its healing power, wisdom and truths fully gifted to you when you come on a transformative retreat or to resource yourself here.

It holds true Feminine qualities that are tangible that you can experience and see  here within some of my paintings. 

Child meeting the spirit and soul of Earth

Many are born from visions and dreams and from my life’s own spiritual journey.

They mediate The Feminine Source of all life enabling me and each one of us to start the process of remembering whom we are born to Be.

In the Truth and Light of our Soul so we can each start serving and speaking on behalf of All Life for those values are truly needed in our world and for earth.

Within this feminine journey and field of work you will discover that all beings have a voice, hold wisdom and Truth to impart with all Life. They enrich it and gift to it, creating harmonious fields of energy.

When we are in alignment with Feminine Values, this enables us to hear clearly when we are out of balance with life and need to adjust or simply reconnect with her laws. Then we can hear again when she speaks her truth and teaches each one of us.

That is when “Love Herself” has a place to Be and voice her Truths

Nurturing Feminine Truth

I know relating with those values has brought coherence into my life, enabling love to flow within all my relationships, not just with people but all life.

I trust those feminine values will bring balance and harmony into your life too, enabling long lasting transformations.

May this journey kindle your Faith anew….Step within, for you are held with Presence.

Do take a moment to look at the retreats and re-sources by clicking here