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Dream-Vision supporting Fathering Feminine Laws


I would like here to share what felt to me like totally new information born from a dream vision I was gifted years ago. It has taken years for me to reach this point today, when I can share both the dream and the paintings too and start writing tentatively about some of the truth and wisdom embedded within those dreams and this vision here revealed.

You may wonder why it took so long to bring this new fragment into the light, and to start writing about it and paint that vision.  Because my perception of life and relationship was that I was not being held, given feminine support or validation, I went into hiding!

I did not trust nor feel safe to share and voice this vision or the paintings either; grief then pulled me down, preventing me from voicing, giving form and releasing that sacred information with you. I found it at first painful to hold and validate it either as I was searching for clarity and understanding within some of the mysteries that were being revealed.

So I just carried this vision within me for years,  sacred seed waiting to reach the light.


I had experienced weight of patriarchal repression as a young child in those after war times. When sharing inner truths or some of my dream visions as just denied expression. Until I shifted those trauma imprints and restrictions enabling me to paint them and become conscious of some of the truth and wisdom they imparted and their deeper meaning supporting life.

I was aware that earth, my own earthly body and my spirit had been so undervalued, even despised at times, that it had created a distortion and false mirror image in my ways of relating to life. It had impacted too how I related to or nurtured my body, my soul and spirit too. Bringing me now here to share this dream Vision may it be supportive to you too.

In the dream vision what is being born and shared by Earth’s own depth of Wisdom: is a totally new level of Birthing.

That process speaks on behalf of feminine Truth, more subtle as it manifests in silence, invisible, quietly and in simple ways, no glamour here is to be found nor deceit it just stands in its own Truth and is being revealed to all who resonate with it within their hearts and souls.


Those truths need to be given a language or form in our world for they are profound in what they hold and reveal and are needed for life to be more balanced and safe.  They speak for the soul of all life pulsating within each one of us and within all living being on earth too.



Fathering Feminine Truth

I realise now what this vision meant and how much hope it was gifting life. For a change was manifesting within mother Earth’s womb “revealing her own process of transformation aligned and synchronized with my own process, totally entwined”.

She was engaged in her own process of birthing a new Patriarchal Archetype manifesting total support towards Feminine laws and the birthing process of feminine consciousness taking place both individually and at a collective level.

Birthing new Feminine Values Dream Story

I am in a very dense forest walking slowly heavily pregnant with child. I am already in the grips of the labour process. By the time I reach the core of the forest, dusk has fallen all around me. I walk deeper within the woods, my steps guided along safely till I come upon a clearing.

In the centre stood tall and strong giant ancestral tree. Its roots reaching deep into the dark peat soft under my feet, its trunk and branches stretching towards the starry skies. Here was my shelter for this birth, I knew that the ancient tree spirit would be my witness, my strength and my shelter too for the night and strong presence of the Cedar tree for the birth.

I do not fear the dark then, as there is a glow within the clearing descending from the stars above. I am deeply connected to nature and to the ancient cultures and natural birthing processes that used to take place within nature’s cloak of protection. I do not feel alone either for Mother Nature herself is surrounding me within her loving embrace.

As the birthing process moves forward the head of the child of life engages down, suddenly as I look up, I see rising from the dark earth, opening its folds, being birthed at the same moment as the feminine child of life, an older man, he has a truly kind face with some radiance around him, as he comes slowly and reverently towards where I am squatting, tears roll down my face.

He is an ancestral father born from the loins of mother earth herself, from her Soul presence and her devotion and love towards all Life. He comes and kneels down in front of me, bowing humbly to this birthing process receiving the new- born child in his large hands.

As he blesses the mother and her newly born, he slowly gets up lifting the child of life into his large cupped hands and arms totally protective and silently invokes the blessings from all life made manifest. Tears flow as this sacred ceremony unfolded and I was both witnessing this birth and being part of this mystery.

The revealed truth holds sacred knowledge gifted for all fathers, transforming the fathering archetype of birthing to a totally new level of being there for all of life.



This Chtonic fathering principle born of the Earth’s own deep process and wisdom, brings forth Truths embedded within her own depth. They are now been fully revealed, made manifest into the Light of consciousness, enabling ongoing support, as more and more women start carrying and giving birth to their own feminine truths, wisdom and voice.

This brings hope as we need the fathering principle in men and women alike to start giving more support to voice and honour feminine truths on behalf of all Life and of her Soul.