Hare spirit wisdom

Meeting Hare’s Spirit

This is a story for children to listen to while warmly tucked in bed, hugging their soft furry friend, and ready to enter into the world of dream visions. Visualize a soft ray of light bringing its own magic story for you to listen to.

Pure Delight when Spring Returns

This is quite a long story, so you might fall asleep, yet it does not matter your heart will keep on hearing it as it holds magic for you within its deep wisdom. Before telling you the story, let me say a little about this vision that I had.

This was a direct visit and transmission from an animal that rarely visits our homes, for it lives in the world of the spirit land and usually never manifests on earth for us to see with our eyes open.

Hare Spirit Dream Vision

One night as MaBee was fast asleep, she had a magic dream vision, she did not get that many dreams like this one. Where there was so much brilliant light and such a magic visitor. 

Yet when she did see that vision, happiness filled her heart and her soul started singing too and the household was buzzing like her. She was standing looking into her garden from her bedroom window while being in her dream state and it was night-time.

Suddenly she watched coming from the south of the garden, a beam of light descending and as it touched the ground, she looked at its large wings and just realized that this was a Light being. The Spirit of Hare was visiting her and the magic garden.

As it came, it looked royal, totally poised and serious for he was a messenger. You can see that on his face, when you look at that picture, he is serious, even if his fur coat is totally radiant. 

He sat as solid as a giant tree just over where the tall fir tree stood, silently gazing at MaBee and she was gazing back at him waiting and wondering what this visit was all about? After a while, she started seeing many brown furry rabbits coming out of their hiding places and warrens and sitting by his side.

They looked small next to him, yet happy to be sitting all around him, gazing and sharing his radiance. It was like looking into the brilliant moon light all around his body yet with golden strands all around his open wings as the grass was lit up brighter now circling them all.

Happy Hares after the Spirit Hare Visit

He opened wider his wings encompassing them all, in a protective manner, while still looking at Ma as she gazed silently at them all, for she was taking this beautiful scene deep within her heart.

He had come to assure them all of his protection now they were in the garden, his spirit and soul could manifest in this physical form of this being of light, as this garden was safe for him to visit in his light body!

He sat there in their midst, reminding them of his existence.  Even though they realised that for most of the time he remained invisible. MaBee heard him speaking with them, telling the little bunnies that they were in danger of disappearing in many areas as their forests were being cut down and hunting season was coming soon and Oh that was not good news!.

Remember you are being hunted each year, and you need to refine your search for kind home lands; so do stay attuned to the voice of the Soul and the Spirit world you live in on this Earth, as you look for safe places for you will then be guided ! They twitched in approval whiskers and ears taking in his wisdom and truth!

Hearing such news the rabbits looked both glad and sad too, aware that some of their other friends, did not have a safe abode like them living now at Ma’s home land where they were safe to rear their youngs!

However Hare Spirit whispered into each of their amazing ears that he would be watching over them and teaching them how to stay safe and hidden, when the hunting season would come in the fall of the year and to watch for the leaves on the ground as they would guide them to know when to be more alert and take refuge.

Hare assured them of his ongoing protection as he looked into MaBee’s eyes from where he stood, just as she called quietly to one of her young daughters to come by her side to watch this radiant vision.

Mother and Daughter Holding the Cup of Life’s Waters

Ma moved ever so slightly away from the window seal, turning towards her daughter who had just come into her room, to share that vision. That was all it took for the amazing Hare to start disappearing. Oh she was no longer fully present to witness his magic apparition!.

She watched him as he opened slowly his very large wings of light and then just took off, vanishing from their sight in the blinking of an eye! He had become invisible again, leaving a trail of gold dust light behind him!

Having returned to the land of the spirit world.

Hare Soul’s Radiance

All the bunnies stood on that spot in a circle, in a daze!  Their fine whiskers twitching, their ears fully open as they touched paws tapping the grass where tiny drops of light, like dew drops, remained attached  upon their furry paws.

As they stood in that magic circle, where he had appeared to them, their little bodies took on some of his radiance as the droplets of light travelled from their paws on the ground, up and up to the tip of their elongated ears. 

As they looked at each other, transformed, now looking so bright, they started tapping the earth with their back legs for Joy and jumping up and down, moving and creating a circle of moon light radiance upon the grass. 

Ma was just amazed at such transformations and beauty and so was her daughter!
Here is a picture for you to see and feel how they just changed after meeting the Hare Spirit and being assured of his protection. Ma went silent all that day, as she pondered in her heart on the meaning of that vision.

She told that tale to her friends and her loved ones and here to you.  However she knows the Hare’s spirit is always by their sides now and protecting life in her garden. For all the bunnies know about his presence now within their hearts of little furry beings. I know they can tell that story to all their newly borns.

So even if they can’t see Hare spirit daily, they feel him and that is a truly reassuring truth to hold in one’s heart even if one is a little Bunny!

Here is the closest picture I managed to draw with oil crayons in honour of Hare’s Spirit visiting me in one of my dream visions. You can see from its wings that this is no ordinary hare, even if hares have long ears and strong elongated back legs to run fast and take giant leaps to run away and hide as they are very shy beings.

hare spirit presence

  Here this Hare glows with bright golden luminescent light and he truly is very special, take a moment to have a good look at him. Since I paint  with the eyes and the hands of my inner child, this painting does not quite reveal, how truly bright his wings were in the dream vision, when he appeared to me, yet my true friend Margi reminded me that we are not meant to paint with perfection, just the eyes of the soul.

However this painting is very close and I know that you can feel his presence as it looks at you, and you just let that magic weave more joy in you heart, yes for he brings Joy too and Hope.

I feel that it is good for you to imagine him, in your mind’s eye looking totally radiant, now glowing in the garden at night as it appears to you too, wishing to give you a very important message, for Hare spirit has come for a reason.

The Spirit’s wings in the vision, had tiny fibres, just like in this picture of some fine and delicate brown and pink filaments running across them, giving their delicate surface more clarity and strength. So I could see he was truly a magical being.

I guess it is that way that Hare Spirits can fly safely in between many dimensions visible in our dreams and invisible to our eyes and then can visit other children, other gardens, meet up with other hares and bunny rabbits all over the world to deliver their pressing messages.

For he is a winged Messenger, mediating the Spirit world and bringing his wisdom and protection to the little two-legged hopping bunny rabbits and hares living on the edge of the wild woods.

Reminding us that they are in danger within our present way of destroying  more of their lands and forests and hedgerows, their homes throughout our world. For we choose to build more and more houses for the two-legged humans! 

Take a moment to look at the picture so you see its face looking at you as it is looking truly solid and happy there sitting on its white bottom, wrapped within its magnificent wings of light.

Hare Soul’s Radiance

Insights in Meeting Hare’s Spirit

Did you know that when animals sense that you really care for them and will not harm them, they just pick up that information inside their bodies and within the energy field around them, with their high sensory perceptions highly and finely tuned.

Just know they can pick up both your loving kindness and caring heart, as they can read Nature’s energy field like no-one else can and that is true wherever they live.

Your energy field which is invisible to almost every one’s eyes, suddenly changes when you show kindness to life. It is a bit like playing beautiful notes of music, or experiencing nature’s aliveness on a bright sunny day. 

The field of energy becomes lighter, brighter, clearer, all life active and vibrant, and this is truly beautiful to listen to; and those hares and bunnies are sensitive to those sounds and look for them too.

Then hares, rabbits, deers , birds and bees all attune listening to those sounds that float on the breeze, touching the leaves of the trees in gardens, flying upon the ether, to reach their open ears, noses, fine whiskers and bright open eyes.

Once those invisible frequencies, vibrations close to sound, have been created thanks to your happy and joyful thoughts and kind actions; they can now fill the space all around you and all life’s beings enter in resonance with you too and can feel it.

All life picks it up, mother earth, the animals, the trees, flowers, stars and galaxies too infinitely. They can now better attune to their environment checking how safe and welcome they might be or if their lives are being threatened.

Remember that these beings are highly sensitive, this means that they can pick up the wind moving through the blades of grass or a sound that is not welcomed giving them an alert signal!

They pick it up with those magic ears and run with those amazing back legs helping them to make big jumps as they run away. They are highly strung,ready to run or just to sit on their bunny bums.

Just don’t forget that they have their magic whiskers too giving them heightened senses, perceptions, so open your ears as you listen to this tale.

Here is their story told by MaBee

There once was a large abandoned old stone house, nobody wanted to care for it or to buy it “too much work needed”. They all kept saying when visiting it. And it was quite a long way from the main city, nested among hilltops in the countryside.

One day while going by car on an outing in nature, Ma with her children passed not far from that abandoned house and stopped just to look at it. It was standing there looking abandoned, old yet inviting them to look her over.

That is what they all chose to do as she held so much charm. They got out of the car and ran in the high grass, till they reached the doorway. The children and her just loved that old place at first glance and after visiting it, Ma decided to buy it, as it had been waiting to become their home.

The mother’s name was MaBee, yes like the little bee that you see collecting pollen and golden nectar from the flowers. She had chosen that name for she so loved the Bees and wished to protect them.

There were only three trees when they went into the garden, the rest of the land was barren and looked desolate.  So you can imagine as you read this story how that must have felt for MaBee and her children and for all life longing to find a safe place to call their home.

Imagine: could a rabbit live and make a burrow, that is his home underground? Oh No…too barren.  Have you thought of mother hedgehog? Where could she hibernate in winter times as there were no branches stacked for her to hide into a ball and sleep until spring returns? Nowhere! That is quite a major thought!


Have you thought about snails, they too need a home, like a tile or a pot turned over, not just left to curl up deeper into their shell, the home they carry upon their back to hide away when the frost comes and the ground freezes. They would be far too exposed to the wintry cold and the winds!


Hedgerows matter to them and stones to hide under and tall grasses and bark too. What about fruit trees you ask me? For the bees, and all the many varieties of flowers and seeds for the birds?

  Bee Balancing Action

Ah well MaBee was thinking and thinking and steam started coming out from the top of her head, as she wondered where to start first what was the main priority?

Her choice with the children was to create a magic garden for the little invisible people first so they planted seeds, and bulbs for all realms and for the animals of all sizes as they too needed a home just as much as they did.

They were a courageous family and hard-working, even if they were all artists of some sort, some played the piano, some the guitar, while others just painted or loved digging a gigantic hole for a pond so fishes and newts and dragonflies could live there as well as frogs and toads .

The boys loved digging and the pond started getting bigger and bigger and MaBee bought a thick black liner so the water would not leak away; they added stones, water lilies, irises and fishes too Koï carps and they were just beautiful.

There was one Koï carp for each of the 5 children. The radiant golden one like sunshine in the water, only her eyes were not gold, there was a pure mother of pearl one, a multi coloured one, a deep blue and creamy one and a black and red-orange one.

The family together installed a pump and linked it to the mains’s water so the fishes had oxygen day and night; the Koï carps looked truly happy and so did the children.

They build a wooden bench and this became a very quiet place for them all to sit by, when the sun went down and the skies turned to purple golds in the summer months, a time for gratitude to all Life.

Ma started planting a cedar tree, the boys loved the oaks and they just put some acorns in the ground and young saplings they had found and rescued from the forest paths while walking.

The family chose many ancient varieties of fruit trees and the garden started coming alive within a few years. Ma planted many lavender bushes creating borders for all the bees, then some ancient rose varieties, wild flowers and they created an organic vegetable garden for the family.

The pond was the harbour for all the animals to come and drink from. Other tree varieties came on their own, carried as tiny seeds upon the winds; or the legs of birds or other crawling animals and they magically transformed this garden into a woven landscape rich in colours, varieties and hiding places.

Magic was born and Ma was truly happy and so were all the children as they had a great garden to play in and truly enjoy. Ma and the children worked for many years creating magic, variety and a safe home for all.

Mother nature heard the happy sounds, the laughter, the buzzing that started coming from the gardens, birds singing, bees humming, bumble-bees busying themselves upon the sage and lime flowers.

The garden was now alive, vibrant and buzzing with new sounds and life felt safe, nurtured and welcomed. A balanced ecosystem was now breathing and singing daily for all life to hear and visit too within all seasons.

Magic spread too, for more and more beings came to this safe place, knowing instinctively that they were not being sprayed with toxic chemicals or chased. They experienced life as kind and generous whenever they visited that place.

Guess they told each other the good news, in their own language, for Ma noticed that every year more beings came to the garden for shelter. Next guess what happened? Rabbits started coming and burrowing under the ground and the hedges that the family had planted all around the gardens and their warrens were safe there.

One spring time the frogs started singing so we knew that they had arrived! then tiny emerald light sage frogs arrived, and newts, water skaters too and salamanders settled in the pond and the dragonflies came to drink and lay their eggs.

A  microcosm was born, growing and living in alignment with the seasons, balancing its creations year in and year out!

You can do the same, even if your garden is small, the key is just to create a safe place even if it is for the tiniest of living beings in a single flower-pot.

All you need is a pot and to fill it with some good earth and to remember to have a little jug of water standing by. Then you sow a few seeds, place the pot on a window seal where it can see the light.

Next you need to practice patience for it takes a little while for the hidden seed inside the earth to swell, to break its husk and to reveal its tiny shoot  just learn to watch as magic happens, for this is the miracle of all life. If you live in a flat you can do that too by tending a seed within a clay pot where the light nurtures it and then your heart can sing as you watch its growth .