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Empathy Feminine Value


Honouring the Animals gives them Hope

Speaking on behalf of Cattle living Free Versus those Enslaved.


Let us remember the Values and Laws ruling mother Earth. Those values when we honour them enable us to speak on behalf of those held captive whose language is not ours! And yes all animals are sentient beings and have their unique language in relation to the elements they each live in. We just don’t have the skills yet to understand their ways of communicating between themselves and with us too.

Let us take a moment to see, to witness their living conditions and what is often imposed upon them! When we do, and can speak and act, that is when real changes will manifest on Earth and within all realms.

 Are we fully aware of their rights? What about their dignity and freedom just to be on Earth just like us all? Let us become more aware and conscious that their rights are being walked upon and their basic needs undermined when they are raised in captivity within tiny spaces without daylight or sunlight! Just being raised for profits and fast returns!

When held captive, they are cut off from connecting to the Earth’s magnetic fields nor graze upon lush meadows. They can’t experience within their bodies the seasons nor take in the sun light or rain either.

Those new living conditions, prevent them from being in close relationship with Earth’s elements, into which they were born. Like placing humans inside closed chambers without sunlight. Those living conditions affect their health and cut them off from being in alignment with earth and life itself.

Wild cows grazing

They need us to speak on their behalf and to testify in their name, holding compassion when their simple rights are being denied, abused and undermined.

Please don’t turn away, ignoring what you might see, do your best to stay in touch with how you feel as it matters this is the key you need to find your voice. When we cut off from how we feel, we are then blocked, hooked into false structures, belief systems in place stating animals are inferior to us and have no feelings.!

When we go with those false beliefs, then of course animals can be used, despised, and their freedom and rights abused! However those choices are anchored in centuries of ignorance.

♥  Keep the connection with your heart and theirs and their noble nature. They will suffer less as they pick up your empathy and you become their mediators.

If you cannot change their situations, know that your presence enables them to enter in resonance with you, and however small that may be to you, it gives them hope. This is what I do daily and on the subtle levels with farm animals or caged animals in surrounding farmland.

As more of us speak and witness and stand up for them, since they too mediate for life and hold some wisdom, truth and bring balance too, the faster their rights will be brought back enabling them to live free. Those essential changes take time and may be offering farmers simple solutions like:

Do you remember how you felt when that calf was born? and you were the one that made that possible? Were you feeling touched by its beauty and perfection? Do you remember how proud you were when the birth went well thanks to your support creating a bond between you both and the cow?


Or another approach:

Have you noticed how the calf has grown now and how happy she is when you allow her to graze free in the meadows? Look how she rushes to lick her mum and bond with the herd? Such simple words validate the farmer and his job and the keep the link alive between them all.

Kindling happy memories is another simple way of bringing small changes, linking the joy of the animal to happy moments in the farmer’s life, since we are all interconnected.!

This is very much like keeping a fire alive. Best be patient, present and ask for the simple words that touch the heart to be spoken and know when not to say anything.

This speaks of valuing animals as they have feelings, emotions and are hyper developped senses. They have their own languages uniting them within their herds, packs, shoals etc…

Ask yourself: What are my living conditions and my rights? Ponder and think of theirs too.

I remember a film on Mary Temple Grandin, a young autistic woman with a unique gift to feel how animals confined or captive felt! That film touched me deeply and I have enclosed a short video below for you to view.

Her name is Dr Mary Temple Grandin, renowned Scientist in animal studies and writer of many books. et écrivain de nombreux livres. She teaches at the University of Colorado Animal Sciences and their behaviour, consultant for the cattle industry for all that deals with behaviour issues and she speaks about autism too.

If you have been privileged to witness the birth of a calf or any other animal or baby, then you will remember what a truly profound and moving experience it is. Listen as she gives birth, making sounds very much like a mother in labour would do. their birth process is not different as they are both mammals.

After the birth of her calf, she cares licking it to maintain the connection and to keep alive the link that unites them once the calf is born to the world. Her instincts are perfect, reassuring her newly born with sounds and touching its nose while helping it to stand up, survival instinct within nature and her task as a mother.

It is the same for the mother forgetting the birth pains, when she holds her newly born in her arms, crying for joy then silent as she contemplates her child, touched by perfection and grace.

The present farming choices can be cruel as calves are removed at birth from their mums to fatten them up and both are left distressed, the cow calling her young one and the calf echoing from that pen it has been shut into creating trauma. Those traumas impact the farmer’s field of life and not just the cattle.

Would you allow others to do that to your newly born?

 It is only when feminine values will be included and implemented at all levels of life and will be legalized in our structures and lives that our choices to raise animals will start changing and then they will be seen as sentient beings our equals!