Mediating Turtle

Mother Turtle gifting Balance

Here is a painting I created from a vision of mother turtle, as she came slowly, making her way up after swimming upon the currents of the world’s oceans, amazing swimmer.

Mother Turtle Gifting Balance with her Eggs


She came in, surfing upon a wave being carried like a wooden husk, dropped upon the warm golden sands. This is not Turtle’s realm, water is where she is at ease and comes from, so for her to walk on the land, requires much effort.

She is truly driven by a strong need, an inner call as she is heavily pregnant with eggs.  She moves from the water element unto the earth element, this is a huge transition for her as she usually mediates the water Element. However here is some of her own medicine, for she can manifest and mediate the magic of the Earth Element too!

As she takes very small steps forward slowly progressing, moving her giant body along the warm beach, guided to that safe place within the sands where she can safely lay her eggs away from the sun and predators yet fully kept warm and snug.

However this time of her birth process, she invoked my presence and allowed me to stay as a witness. Silently aligned with her and her deep presence; I watched as she lay 12 radiant golden eggs and 12 luminescent ones. 

I gazed upon this gifting of pure balance from Mother Turtle who came from the waters. I became aware that she had, through gifting this vision to me, invoked my fullness of presence as part of her magic balancing process,  so I could witness and gain more clarity about what this vision meant for me and for life! 

And as she slowly turned away making her way back to the incoming waves, I knew some miracle had manifested through mother water Turtle. She had just gifted a perfect balance as the radiant eggs rested nesting here in the hollow of the sands.

This is another sacred vision bringing within this dream, innate wisdom at the instinctual levels, when Turtle reclaims through her birthing process the simple teachings of how to gift Balance to all life and all levels. These 12 golden eggs and 12 luminescent ones, mirror here the three levels of body, soul and spirit within and above matter.

They are now incubating and already fully activated as I watched in full presence, a pure vortex of luminescent energy threads starts being activated, surrounding and protecting the nest.

As I watch it starts creating an energy field going upwards into other dimensions invisible to the eye. This manifests another dream vision where the below and the above interweave and connect with each other.

As this sacred energy field unfolds around this birthing process, a circle of young children of all races manifests into form witnessing this transformation. As they stood around the nest, holding their fullness of presence upon those eggs.

The rings of light energies just hold boundaries around those eggs which are bringing balance between the feminine and the masculine into a unified field of coherence for all Life as they connect the below with the above and that is a divine gift.