Hare Visit

Meeting Hare’s Spirit

Did you know that when animals sense that you really care for them and will not harm them, they just pick up that information inside their bodies and within the energy field around them, with their high sensory perceptions highly and finely tuned.


Just know they can pick up both your loving kindness and caring heart, as they can read Nature’s energy field like no-one else can and that is true wherever they live.

Hare Spirit Dream Vision

One night as MaBee was fast asleep, she had a magic dream vision, she did not get that many dreams like this one. Where there was so much brilliant light and such a magic visitor. 

Yet when she did see that vision, happiness filled her heart and her soul started singing too and the household was buzzing like her. She was standing looking into her garden from her bedroom window while being in her dream state and it was night-time.

Suddenly she watched coming from the south of the garden, a beam of light descending gently, as it touched the ground, she looked and saw its large wings and just realised that this was a Light being, not an angel, she discovered the Spirit of Hare yes an animal spirit, which was visiting her and the magic garden.

As it came, it looked royal, totally poised and serious for he was a messenger. You can see that on his face, when you look at that picture, he is serious, even if his fur coat is totally radiant with golden light and you might get distracted by all that amazing radiance emanating all around him.

He is poised there, silently gazing at Ma, as she was gazing back at him, waiting and wondering what this visit was all about? After a while, she started seeing many brown furry rabbits coming out of their hiding places and warrens, hoping towards him and sitting by his side.

They looked small next to him, yet happy to be sitting all around him, gazing and sharing his radiance. It was like brilliant moon light on his body and all around his open wings and the grass was lit up brighter with shades of spring yellow- light-green now.

He opened wider his wings encompassing them all, in a protective manner, while still looking at Ma and she just kept looking at them all in silence, as she was taking this beautiful scene with so much love energies, deep within her heart.

He had come to assure them all of his protection now they were living in this garden , his spirit and soul could manifest in the physical form of this Light Being as this garden was safe for him to visit in his light body!

He sat there among them reminding them of his existence even if most of the time he remained invisible. MaBee heard him speaking with them, telling the little bunnies that they were in danger of disappearing in many areas and that was not good news for them all!.

Remember you are being hunted each year, and you need to refine your search for kind home land; so do stay attuned to the voice of the Soul and the Spirit world, as you look for safe places for you will then be guided ! They twitched in approval moving both whiskers and ears fully alert!

Hearing such news the rabbits looked both glad and sad too, aware that some of their other friends, did not have a safe abode like them at Ma’s home land!

However Hare Spirit whispered into each of their amazing ears that he would be watching over them and teaching them how to stay safe and hidden, when the hunting season would come round and guide them to the kind people whose homes would be a safe refuge for them all.

Hare assured them of his ongoing protection and looking one last time at MaBee, just as she called quietly to one of her young daughter to come by her side to watch this radiant vision.

Mother and Daughter Holding the Cup of Life’s Waters

Ma moved ever so slightly away from the window seal, turning towards her youngest daughter who had just come into her room, to share that vision. That was all it took for the amazing Hare to disappear, she was no longer fully present to witness his magic apparition!.

She watched him as he opened slowly his very large wings of light and then just took off, vanishing from their sight in the blinking of an eye! He had become invisible again!

Having returned to the land of the spirit world.

Mabee realised then that she too needed to stay in touch with her own Spirit helpers, assured that they manifested in their physical Light beings when the energy fields were totally held with feminine Values and that was a truly great teaching she was gifted from that messenger too.

All the bunnies stood on that spot in a circle, their fine whiskers twitching, their ears fully open as they touched paws tapping the grass where tiny drops of light, like dew drops, remained attached  upon their tiny paws.

As they stood in that magic circle, where he had appeared to them, their little bodies took on some of his radiance as the droplets of light travelled from their paws on the ground, up and up to the tip of their elongated ears. 

As they looked at each other, transformed, now looking so bright, they started tapping the earth with their back legs for Joy and jumping up and down, moving and creating a circle of moon light radiance upon the grass! What a joyful sight this was!

Ma was just amazed and so was her daughter!

Here is a picture for you to see and feel how they just changed after meeting the Hare Spirit and being assured of his protection. Ma went silent all that day, as she pondered in her heart that vision and its meaning .

She told that tale to her friends and her loved ones and here to You. However she knows the Hare’s spirit is always by her side and in her garden and that all the bunnies and life know about his presence now within their hearts.

So even if they can’t see him, they feel his radiant spirit protecting them and that is a truly reassuring truth to hold in one’s heart especially if one is a little Bunny rabbit!