Mediating for Life as a Feminine Shaman

                    Shared Trust

Brigitte is an Energy worker, a Light Bearer, a Shaman, a Mentor, an Elder placing her skills and her life’s experience to serve relationships and facilitate the transmissions of those feminine values and truths, enabling well being and real transformations.

Each one of those pictures is a stepping stone for you, just let it guide you upon that chosen feminine track.

It might be: the shaman’s path, the Inner Child’s path carrying that radiance and innocence, or you might meet the Elder and story-teller, weaver of dreams and visions or the Light bearer!


Just know that they are all interwoven and linked by invisible threads of total presence and offer new approaches while bringing feminine values into all realms of  life, your life!.

I share with each one of you my enthusiasm and commitment towards life, as one of my tasks is to show kindness and empathy towards all realms. I reclaimed this gift after facing my greatest challenge in life. For my country had been deeply compromised and betrayed right down to its core roots and those were very painful and stressful times to be born into at the end of years of war affecting all realms of life.

I experienced for many years that expressing feelings and sharing how I felt was just not possible, as if those feminine values speaking for the heart and basic needs had been crushed under foot too. Laughter and joy had been immobilised and frozen during those war years. Our lands and mother Nature experienced as much trauma as humans did.

I would very much like to guide you a little way, to kindle the memories of your own story, what you carry forward from your lineages too. When your unique story is seen with the eyes of your inner child and the language of the soul, then all is possible. For compassion, presence and forgiveness walk hand in hand and open locked doors; releasing lost, rejected or fragmented soul pieces gifting their qualities back into your life.! THAT is a GIFT.

The shaman’s journey is my path, it came to me during adolescence when I faced death. It has taught me how to see what is hidden or veiled and what are the imprints we carry forward into our present lives so we can question: Are they supportive or do they block the flow of our own true divine nature? What Dr Martin Luther King named our Blue Print!

Hold your inner child by the hand as you choose to look into any one of those pictures or paintings remembering what is truly essential and what is in resonance and touches your heart and soul. These paintings are charged with feminine qualities and mediate truth. May they bring hope to you and a clear mirror too.