About Brigitte Antelme

Mutual Trusting

Brigitte Marie is passionate about witnessing and engaging with all Life. Not just people, but all realms she relates to with empathy and soul connection. This enables her to mediate feminine values and wisdom they hold.


She belongs to the circle of Elders who choose to dedicate, live by, value and serve feminine laws in support of all life and on behalf of Mother Earth who just reflects, mediates and co-creates with each one of us.

Mediating Feminine Values

 Aligned Witnessing Life

Brigitte engages with animal spirits as shaman, aware that all life is inter-connected within a greater purpose. She knows that true connection with Life only happens when trusting the power of the heart and higher intuition. 

That is when all relationships enter in resonance and synchronicity within all realms, moving them unto a soul level:

This offers hope, sanity, compassion, acceptance and safety bringing alive some of life’s greatest values.”

Brigitte is a mother and has brought up 5 amazing children, who are now parents and she is grand-mother to 16 grand-children from 2 years up to 26 years old and shares with each, some of the gems of wisdom she keeps in her magic pocket.


Her skills and gifts as elder, shaman and mother have enhanced and anchored her healing work and her path as mediator for life, with qualities of presence, empathy, compassion and acceptance enabling deep transformations.

Brigitte is the guardian of “The Source Centre” from where she runs her workshops and retreats. Take a moment to listen to this very short video.

Brigitte holds a Diploma in English Litterature, she is a qualified Healer from Le Plan International Healing Centre with Ruth White and is a Certified shaman and quantum healer.

Brigitte brings and mediates through her paintings and writing, gems of wisdom  gifted by nature, animal spirits, dream visions and from her life’s experiences. Paintings help release the truth they wish to impart in support of feminine values gifted to all life.

She totally engages with each transmission allowing them to mediate and be her beacon lighting those feminine gems while bringing them back into consciousness.

She pioneers mapping their innate truths aiming to bring a little balance within our masculine structured world.

She trusts those insights will gift valuable support and guidelines to you, if you search new ways of relating to life with kindness and empathy in heart. That is the task that she has undertaken within her field of service.

Her soul chose to come on Earth to work as a Light bearer and a Truth Seeker. This means that she has developped skills to work as a shaman working to clear imprints and do soul retrieval work bringing lost soul fragments back to consciousness and unifying.

Feminine Quest Valuing the Inner Journey

This painting reflects one of this inner process, when moving from the masculine structures into the feminine journey of reclaiming. Here the feminine is held safely protected by a delicate mesh armour; it is like the chainmails the knights wore as they journeyed into the masculine quest riding into the world.  

This feminine mesh is of pure silk strands of light, creating a veil of protection, needed, as each woman or man enters the reclaiming process of attuning within their inner truth, listening to the voice of the soul.

This painting reflects one of the processus supporting those transformations.

We each can witness Mother Nature yielding her amazing gems within all seasons, while mirroring her deep transformations  and gifting that innate wisdom back to each one of us.

For she is the greatest mediator and teacher. This reclaiming process requires courage, dedication and  faith.

For as my best friend Margi “director of the Conscious Feminine” reminds me that:

Feminine values, maps and guidelines are not out there in our world! Margi is one of the most advanced pioneers on mentoring The Conscious Feminine, creating some of those maps so our world and institutions will start implementing them at an early age.

However this journey cannot be eluded, if women wish to stand free and act and live as empowered daughters of Life.

Each woman will need to bow to her own soul’s wisdom, process and truth.  Brigitte knows that each time one of us mediates and acts with kindness of heart on behalf of life, she reflects this love back to us gifting her sacred truths.

Earth Mediating Truth

In this painting, Mother Earth reveals her Gems of Wisdom and Inner Truth as the child meets the soul of the Earth and her fire spirit, manifesting as two beautiful horses rising from within her own sacred depth.


They are born through her, and from her own longing to mediate, relate and to impart her own feminine truths. This vision of the child meeting the horses manifests the sacred triad:

“When Body, Soul and Spirit merge into Unity”.

That is when we can consciously co-create, voice and act on behalf of life supporting feminine values, bringing some balance within the masculine values in our world.

I trust this speaks and resonates with your own search and soul journey and that you will walk with me a little way.