Feminine Paths

 Shaman Mediating Feminine Paths


What are the values and feminine Truths that we need to protect and reclaim? Seeing Life with the eyes of the Heart, Sovereignty, Freedom, Empathy, Kindness, Forgiveness, Surrender and Compassion: among many others when we start living and relating to life from our Heart and Soul.


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How can we start living on a daily basis while mediating those Feminine Values of Kindness, Caring, Protecting, Acting, Nurturing and Voicing in our own lives?.

We need to learn to see and to reflect back to  Life with true clarity. When giving our support aligned with feminine laws and soul purpose, all relationships change for those simple caring actions do bring transformations within all life.

We can expect to witness new ways of relating to others and to ourselves. Starting the deep process of claiming the values that serve our relationships, while releasing some of the negative onces, including the repetitive thought forms or expectations taken on board during our childhood educational upbringing creating false imprints on how “we are meant to relate to others and to life”.

Those have been handed down our family lineages charged with ancestral traumas carried within the collective structures from thousands of years.

What changes can we hope to accomplish when we start adopting those feminine values that support the Laws of all Life as man, woman and child ? Deep healing, hope and true notion of what grace and gratitude are about.

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As for the women we can discover the power of that inner supportive masculine. We can start to trust that new archetypal father within our own psyche as we relate to men and to our fathers or forefathers, even if they have moved on, for we transform our vision too.

So that is one of the keys to this healing process, to start adopting the true archetype of the father, who is going to back up, support and value Life, through you and me and our truth and wisdom .  These changes can manifest in our lives when we stop acting against life  living trapped in the “imprints of the traumas handed down”.

We can start the processes of releasing, re-membering and relating within the truth and the expression of our hearts! We no longer need to project our expectations upon men, those linked with our missing fathers or rescuers….!. This is like the Breath of oxygen supporting all life, those values now support our relationships freeing them, enabling balance.

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Transformations as we ponder on our choices and the simple feminine actions we are now taking, that are going to support relating to all life from empathy and presence . Those changes I know bring balance between the feminine values and the masculine ways of relating to life. I have witnessed those changes within The source Centre and my Life too and they truly are for the good of all life.

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