Hare Visit

Meeting Hare’s Spirit Did you know that when animals sense that you really care for them and will not harm them, they just pick up that information inside their bodies and within the energy field around them, with their high sensory perceptions highly and finely tuned. Just know they can pick up both your loving […]

Gift of the Pearl

Dolphin Gifting the pearl One morning very early, just as the sun was surging over the horizon, walking as usual, she noticed the tide was high and the frothy sea touched her feet.  She stood still, stilling her heart beat, watching the horizon come alive with the sun rising. She intuitively felt that today was […]

Honouring Our Rights

 Honouring our Human Rights Sacred Ceremony 21-06-2020 REMEMBERING THEM Homage from community on the Abolition of All Power Over Enslavement Programs This was due to be honored on the 10th May 2020. Due to the regulations issued from our Governments that ceremony was curtailed and kept very short by the authorities. I was asked by […]

Teen Rebels

Rebelling Teens Mirroring lack of boundaries. When as a Grand mother one witnesses the reality that one or more of your grand children take part with her classroom mates and start creating a bullying pattern against a teacher! what is this manifesting within our world right now? This comes first as a shock and then […]

Transmission of wisdom

Empathy Feminine Value   Honouring the Animals gives them Hope Speaking on behalf of Cattle living Free Versus those Enslaved.   Let us remember the Values and Laws ruling mother Earth. Those values when we honour them enable us to speak on behalf of those held captive whose language is not ours! And yes all […]

Horse Lord

Dream of the Horse Lord True to the Wisdom and Spirit of the Feminine.

In my dream I called him the warlord, however I know he is the Sovereign stallion. He leads and protects the wild herd. After being caught and trapped, and penned, in the dream I first see him as a very young child while in my mother’s arms, this was our first meeting a long time ago. However within the dream, I help to release him and all the herd back to freedom.


I am now older child in the dream and I move very close to the enclosure where about 50/60 mares and young horses are penned, held prisoners. I become aware that all I need to do is to be fully present as I see them all trapped in the enclosure. My inner voice guides me to visualise them running wild and free on the lands that were their territories. This action of seeing and witnessing with the eyes of the soul, not only supports each one of them but enables the stallion to fling the gates open!

Mediating Turtle

Mother Turtle gifting Balance Here is a painting I created from a vision of mother turtle, as she came slowly, making her way up after swimming upon the currents of the world’s oceans, amazing swimmer.   She came in, surfing upon a wave being carried like a wooden husk, dropped upon the warm golden sands. This […]

Releasing Imprints

Mentoring on Imprints and how to Release them Do you remember the story of the Dolphin as mediating the unconscious waters and Gifting back the pearl to the child? Here is the next fragment that revealed itself enabling me now to start addressing the healing work way back into my own family lineages, releasing that […]

Dreams as Gems of Wisdom

While unraveling the threads within those dream visions, as you might have been one of the actors or just the observer of what was happening within that inner dream vision gifted unto you as a messenger.

Feminine weaving life’s flow
Were you actor within that dream, or situation or just observing and viewing those images within the many layers of the dream-vision unfolding, revealing truths to you?


She got up quietly, dressed, took a large slice of bread from the kitchen table, and walked away from the cottage following her intuition which was such a precious guide to her. This was not the first time she had been to the sea visiting that hidden cove surrounded by huge rocks, only reachable at […]