Horse Lord

Dream of the Horse Lord True to the Wisdom and Spirit of the Feminine

In my dream I called him the warlord, however I know he is the Sovereign stallion. He leads and protects the wild herd. After being caught and trapped, and penned, in the dream I first see him as a very young child while in my mother’s arms, this was our first meeting a long time ago. However within the dream, I help to release him and all the herd back to freedom.

I am now older child in the dream and I move very close to the enclosure where about 50/60 mares and young horses are penned, held prisoners. I become aware that all I need to do is to be fully present as I see them all trapped in the enclosure. My inner voice guides me to visualise them running wild and free on the lands that were their territories.

This action of seeing and witnessing with the eyes of the soul, not only supports each one of them but enables the stallion to fling the gates open!

In the dream the warlord takes two actions:

At first on the right hand side, there is a small group kneeling down, a father, mother and their daughter still a young child, I am observing this scene within the dream.

I see the horse placing his feet upon the father’s shoulders. The father here is being seen fully as serving the soul held in matter and receiving blessings and validation from the stallion here mediating on behalf of life

Next image, the triad of father, daughter and mother just disappears.  I am now an adult woman, on the left hand side of the picture in the dream and it is dusk.

I watch as he comes over to where I am kneeling down, in gratitude to earth for their release. He blesses me, by very gently placing his hooves upon my shoulders. I am moved by this sacred vow that takes place between us.

I become aware that there is a child close to my heart, she is totally wrapped within my form. She is the daughter of Mother Earth, born to speak truth and serve wisdom held within her own depth of being.

As for the stallion in his black robe with a silver star on his brow, I know that he masters protecting and caring for the herd, where most are already adults and powerful, some with dark bay robes and others chestnut or beige with some white spots.

When the padlock released, they took flight united, I felt within my body the surge of their spirits and bodies, just like a giant wave of rolling, flowing earth and fire kindled alive, one body as they ran into freedom.

I do have a sense that the Horse Lord has a high rank, and rules over the land. He holds deep wisdom being fully connected with earth and the seasons and he is a master at what he does. Thousands of Sparks of light flew all around their hooves as they touched the ground, igniting the earth, connecting that energy of freedom of Spirit, back into her!.

Child and Horse Friendship Bonds

I am deeply aware that as I bow down to serve the laws of the feminine, I am not alone, as I am that inner child riding alongside that stallion, I know that the herd comes along with me. Now that their hooves have kindled the earth again, recalling her spirit and truth, as they step through the threshold into the land where feminine values have a voice!