It was indeed like a weight that went off.


I would Like to share something amazing.

I have been having a lot of knee and hip pains.

When I had the session with you and I recognized where some of my issues were coming from.

It was indeed like a weight that went off.

The joint pains went from severe to mild.

I am barely feeling the pain and i am grateful to God for the release.

I was carrying a lot of the pain in my hips and knees .
Ayele Rwayitare

Second Testimimonial from Ayele

Dear Brigitte

I am in Boston for thanksgiving celebrations. I really thank God for the work we started.

I am with my entire family, some we hadn’t spoken for years because of one issue of tension or another.

As I worked with you in issues with rejection, abandonment, many issues on my side are taking their rightful place of peace and acceptance.

I can’t wait to continue the work

Kind regards Ayele