Soul Mirroring Life

Connecting with the soul of all Life.

Here is a painting of a woman grieving by the waters.

Seeing, Mirroring and witnessing life’s pain while holding empathy and soul connection are feminine values, enabling some transformation to happen.


Soul Witnessing and Mirroring Pain

Feminine Soul Seeing with Empathy all Life

This painting expresses the feminine power to witness and empathize with the ongoing pain and grief manifesting in so many realms within Life, not just the human levels. It mediates for the feminine soul of all Life: whoever she is by the well, it can be you, or me or someone else on the other side of the world waiting to be seen or to see with empathy.

For when the feminine laws are being excluded, abused or denied; trauma, shock and pain are created instead . The woman in that painting is in pain, mirroring the Archetypal Demeter mother, grief stricken, she sits, weeping by the edge of the well; after losing her beloved daughter Kore whom she longs to see again. “Our loss of feminine values” manifested here by the loss of Kore.

This image was gifted me through a dream vision, however such visions and dreams can happen through women, men and children alike. For when we can each hold and maintain the connection to our feelings, we can start expressing and hearing with the eyes of the soul how we feel and hear what life needs us to see!

That matters truly for life to be Alive through each one of us.! Once we get in touch with how we are feeling when witnessing a re-wounding situation or a relationship and are able to stay in presence, some transformation and healing occurs simply.

Often as we witness or face abuse ourselves or are being repressed through the old negative patriarchal/matriarchal structures, we might experience feelings of helplessness, enabling us to act or to speak on behalf of  life or we simply freeze or dis-connect or get dis-empowered.

We are then unable to alleviate the situation or stop more trauma or shock occurring and this leaves us with sadness. Often we cannot act through our own woundings and traumas being re-activated. No blame is to be placed for this is a journey into understanding how to move forward with the changes brought about when we live in alignment with feminine values.

Most people access such levels of sadness and grief when losing a close family member, however they often remove themselves from Life herself, not to engage with the feelings linked with the trauma or the unbearable pain.

There is very little in our present world for the feminine to have a place to express its reality. So most women and men alike, just don’t have the feminine support they need to start voicing how they feel and what they need. This can become truly solitary, overwhelming and many can even give up trying .

This next painting is about the Feminine soul manifesting in those who are called to follow that feminine path:” to come and serve through the power of their hearts and to empathise, mirror, reclaim and purify life’s waters allowing them to flow and hold coherence for them once again”.

When conscious women are empowered having done the journey of re- membering themselves first” they can’t split from the painful situations when witnessing betrayal or abuse being perpetuated and they are able to witness, to mirror, to act and to hold a safe space enabling the expression for the feelings”. That is a transformative process.

Some of my work is about teaching women how to move from their fear, anxiety or feeling frozen into reclaiming their feminine power with small steps to start with like learning to take care of themselves first.

This is not the power women have so far reclaimed, in the fields of equal rights and equal opportunities at work or within religious or governmental places within masculine laws and structures.

This is the next stage when that power, which we had handed over to serve those masculine values and structures is now fully reclaimed and set to serve feminine values and her laws. Let us shine the light of the soul for she values Mother Earth and mediates on behalf of all Life, bringing coherence, balance, kindness and compassion within all dimensions.

For the soul belongs with the oneness of all Life abiding by her feminine organic laws.  However she can only transform in so far that each one of us opens to her call, enabling this process of empathy to happen and to flow for all of Life.

When we hear her cries, see her pain, feel her distress and choose to act as mediators on her behalf then and only then will change start happening within each one of us and all around us too.  Seeing and mirroring does make a difference, more so when we intervene without judgement only with kindness and compassion.


I know so well that the charge of unspoken feelings; emotions and thoughts are still very much there within the field when we remove ourselves from a traumatic situation. Those remain as strands of sticky energy blocking the flow within the relationship. They need to find some resolution so as not to fill the space with a heavy feeling and negative charge. 


Keeping this thread going, I wish to express that the above situation is ongoing right now all over our world and nations, just on a bigger scale bringing so much unrest, pain, grief, traumas directly linked to the millions and  billions of incidents, negative thought forms, projections, unresolved relationship issues, wars and so much more…left unresolved!

Those negative contents start feeding the collective unconscious shadow which in time just grows, enriched by more painful unresolved situations until those shadows start manifesting into form and act out the toxic charges that has been withheld for weeks, months, years, centuries…..We are not meant to live in a field of toxicity as it impacts our every cells affecting our health and well being.

We each are a unique Being just Born to Be free and to Feel fully Alive. That is the most amazing journey any one of us chooses to take while on this planet Earth.

Life is a teaching ground leading us towards our soul purpose and conscious awakening so we grow to walk in compassion for all life. We are truly a well of wisdom and have come to enhance this planet with our unique gifts too.

I know that the waters of the soul and the heart of Love can hold and redeem the pain of abuse perpetuated and the betrayals towards Life. I trust you can join and be inspired by this journey so your gems of wisdom come to honour all life and make it a gentler place to be living in too.