Sacred Meeting

Once upon a beautiful morning, a very still one, not so long ago the child came in the company of her family to spend their holiday by the seaside. You may remember this child for you have already met her when reading the story of her first encounter with the spirits of the land manifesting as wild horses and why they chose to visit her?

Abused Earth

Voicing this 14th July 2016. Another trauma has hit France and deep grief is in our hearts. For the joy and the peace has been shattered again in our country upon this celebration of Freedom for all. And once again our Earth has been spilled with innocent blood and trauma starts running deep once again

Rural Story

 Rural Stories The Sow and her love story. This story is based on a true story told by an Elder in the hamlet. In a small village still live a very old couple, he is in his late eighties and his wife is about eighty four. They were born in between the wars, in those